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To the Office of Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 

We are a group of Ethiopians who are survivors of sexual violence, men and women who have been directly or indirectly affected by the physical, psychological and social trauma of sexual violence in the Ethiopian community. We are the brave sisters and brothers who have shared our stories and those who have read their heartbreaking experiences and therefore stand in solidarity with them.

#MeTooEthiopia is a movement dedicated to bring awareness to the severity of gender violence, childhood marriage and acid attack in the Ethiopian community around the world. By providing victims and survivors a platform to share their stories and helping to connect them with resources vital to their healing, we believe we can influence change. 

Based on personal accounts shared on our website and social media pages, we have noted that sexual assaults do not get reported because: 

1)There is a lack of awareness and open conversations in our schools, work places, media outlets and community as a whole. 
2) Victims are ignored by parents and other family members, sometimes even blamed 
3) Survivors lack trust in the legal system’s ability to bring assailants to justice
4) Little to no notable consequences for perpetrators 

We believe this matter deserves immediate and intensified action on all levels. From education to bring cultural evolution to providing services and resources for the victims and ensuring those who inflict such harm be held accountable for these crimes. 

#MeTooEthiopia  (www.MeTooEthiopia.com )