Remove the football ban on Secondary school students at Plymouth School of Creative Arts

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Secondary school Students at Plymouth School of Creative Arts are currently banned from playing football in either provided playground, as the floors are concrete and the fences are too short. Unfortunately, Plymouth School of Creative Arts does not provide a field, or any land of grass, for it's students to play football at either break or lunch times. 

We believe, as a school, Plymouth School of Creative Arts have a duty to it's students to provide a space which enables them to be able to play football every day.

With the growing mental health crisis in this country, and the studies linking exercise and engaging in sports as a factor that can contribute to positive Mental Health, we believe Plymouth School of Creative Arts are neglecting their responsibility to support their students Mental well-being.

It's no secret that working-class community's are full of children that enjoy nothing more than kicking a ball around for hours on end. As a school in the Millbay/Stonehouse area, we believe that this school should adopt such working-class traditions. We echo this in the light of Working-Class Boys massively underachieving in Education over the past 5 years.

Plymouth School of Creative Arts, should accompany Children in year groups 7-11, to local parks, which the school have admitted are in walking distance, to supervise and allow children to play football.

By signing this petition, you state that you believe Plymouth School of Creative Arts should provide a space for it's secondary school pupils to play football daily.