Preserve Hollydale Green Space (Plymouth, MN)

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We, the undersigned, request the Plymouth City Council decline the request to zone Hollydale Golf Course for residential use, and maintain the course as a natural, open, outdoor recreational facility, as is consistent with the 2040 Comprehensive Plan that was approved just this calendar year.  

We believe adding 319 unplanned houses in this area is not necessary to achieve Plymouth’s population objectives, and will do more harm to the larger community than good. Specifically, we believe a decision by the Plymouth City Council to create residential housing at Hollydale would be harmful in the following ways:

o   School Overcrowding - We value education, and know school overcrowding caused by unplanned development is detrimental to our children.

o   Destruction of Natural Habitat and Green Space - We value the beauty and environmental value of natural green space, and believe that maintenance of it adds to our quality of living, and makes our community unique. Hollydale is the last large undeveloped parcel in the city. Destroying it is shortsighted, and a decision that can never be undone.

o   Traffic Congestion and Safety Concerns - We value the convenience and mobility of living in Plymouth, and believe adding 1.8 million additional annual automobile trips from 319 new houses will compromise safety and create congestion on adjoining roadways.

o   Flooded Homes and Yards - We value the health and structure of residents' homes.  Flooding and sinking foundations are problems in this area, and we know the addition of 130 impervious acres could compromise the wetland, and will make drainage matters worse.

o   Five to Seven Years of Construction - For those in the vicinity of Hollydale, the noise, construction traffic, and many years of development will significantly hurt the quality of life.

We thank the Plymouth City Council for their hours of service and for making our city great. We urge them to step back from the pressure to develop the property, and find a way to keep it a beautiful, natural, and environmentally sensitive asset for generations to come.