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The development of the land adjacent to Aberdeen Avenue is unavoidable, as is the use of the Manadon Park estate as the sole access route to the development. There is, however, still an opportunity to minimise the detrimental impact of the development and take pre-emptive action to protect existing residents.

The developers created this situation by getting Outline Permission approval for a scheme that had little impact on Manadon Park and offered several benefits by improving local facilities.They then applied to transfer access from St Peters Road to Aberdeen Avenue and when this was rejected by Plymouth Council they appealed to the Central Government Planning Inspectorate who overturned Plymouth Council's decision.

There is no appeal to a Planning Inspectorate decision.

The developers have now submitted detailed plans for the site in which the benefits proposed at the outline stage have been dropped and the green space initially proposed as meadowland and informal recreation areas have been largely absorbed into the building area.

If the scheme is allowed to continue in this form, the residents of Manadon Park will suffer impacts that will radically change the character and attractiveness of the estate.

Access to green space will be lost. Provision of formal and informal recreation facilities will not occur. The view from Aberdeen Avenue will be impaired and increased noise and nuisance will arise from up to 100 cars in the rush hour, not to mention more service vehicles.

The roads and courtyards of the estate were not designed for through traffic and some houses do not even have pavements between their front door and the road. The open plan was designed to encourage a sense of community and openness. Children play in these areas and pets roam freely. Existing residents have learned to drive slowly and carefully in these narrow confined areas. Even so, accidents occur. Now, up to 100 extra vehicles could be expected to use these small residential roads and courtyards during the rush hour period. A traffic accident leading to death or serious injury seems inevitable unless steps are taken to protect existing residents from increased traffic.

We call upon Plymouth Council to take all possible action to protect the character and attractiveness of Manadon Park estate by:

(a) undertaking a full study of the additional traffic on Manadon Park with particular attention to the future safety of existing residents and taking steps to protect residents.

(b) insisting the developer delivers the benefits offered at the Outline planning stage and protects the character of the estate by restoring the landscaping and layout of the proposal to that previously proposed, i.e. creation of meadowland, informal recreation space and improved sporting facilities to the development plans.

We believe the scheme that has been presented for detailed planning permission as application 17/01227/REM has changed significantly in landscaping and layout aspects from that which outline planning permission was granted and as such CAN be amended by the Planning Committee.

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