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Darren Tolcher started this petition to Plymouth City Council

Most people are aware of what happened on the Barbican last week and the terrible mess in our streets, lanes and sadly the water. Scary to think that if Bournemouth hadn’t happened we  could have been the main headline in the press! Further more it is frightening to think of the financial cost incurred to our city in terms of tourism lost, if not thousands but perhaps millions!!

We the people who live and work here are fed up with our properties being used as public toilets! Southside Street is being used as a racetrack, ( it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured)this causes unnecessary distress to everyone at all times of the day and night! As a result people are unable to open their windows because of the noise and pollution. No-one should have to breathe in petrol or diesel fumes. 
From April to October we would like to see Southside Street closed from 11am to 5am. This would allow deliveries and collections in the morning ( every business has said this can be done) This would further allow cafes, bars, traders and restaurants to have more outside space to utilise. Which would in turn allow them to try and recover financially from what has not just been a difficult summer but also a really tough winter, especially taking into consideration all the roadworks which were required. 
We need to encourage more retail shops to the  area, which in turn will bring more people here. Not just to pass through but to spend all day and night here, encourage late  night shopping like other seaside resorts, bringing a much needed boost to our local economy. Having spoken to 44 business owners over the past week, just over 86% are in favour of this proposal, just under 12% are unsure and under 3% against ( just 1 business owner)

Yes there are issues, i.e access for residents, emergency vehicles, buses and taxis, some may say problems, but there is no such thing as a problem, there are only SOLUTIONS and with enough COMMON SENSE and GOODWILL, ANYTHING can be ACHIEVED. 

This can be accomplished very easily if all groups associated within the waterfront area COME TOGETHER. 

The people who live and work on the Barbican deserve to live and work in a SAFER, BETTER, FRIENDLIER and CLEANER environment.  
Together let’s turn the Barbican into the Jewel in the Crown for Plymouth. 
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0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!