Reopen Blocks 15-18 at Home Park

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Since Argyle entered administration in 2010-11 and continued when James Brent purchased the club in 2011 Blocks 15-18 were closed to fans, unless there was high demand for a certain game, doing this has significantly harmed the atmosphere at Home Park.

I believe now is the right time to reopen blocks 15-18, I have outlined the reasons why below.

  1. Argyle's promotion to League 1 means there is a greater demand in tickets for league games and season tickets. (As shown with this seasons attendances compared to last October)
  2. Since blocks 15-18 were closed there has been a real lack of atmosphere around Home Park. I and many of the fans would like to make Home Park a fortress and make it very difficult for the opposing teams to compete away from home and a "hostile" atmosphere would help.
  3. On a slightly personal note, growing up watching Argyle from block 16 in the Championship made me the passionate fan I am today, so perhaps bringing those blocks back can perhaps make other Argyle fans more passionate.