Plym Academy Trust to pay support staff the nationally agreed pay rise

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Charlie Woods
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Support staff do hugely important jobs that they love and that keep the schools running however they also need to be valued.

We are calling on Plym Academy Trust to value their hardworking support staff and pay the nationally agreed pay rise. Nearly every other member of school support staff in Plymouth is receiving this pay rise, Plym Academy Trust is amongst a very small number of schools in Plymouth who have refused to pay their staff this uplift in pay. The Head teacher and teachers have received a pay rise, why, are support staff in Plym worth less to their employer?

The combined pay of the five top earners in Plym Academy Trust is between £325,000 - £370,000, plus pension contributions. The cost of paying ALL support staff (around 150 of them) what they deserve will cost the Trust just £116,000 to April 2020. We believe the trust is able to afford this and call on them to value their support staff. Please sign our petition to show them your support.

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