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Ryan Conley started this petition to plutonash06@gmail.com and

In December 2018, one of the top distributors of the FutureNet social media network was kicked out of the company for crossline recruiting. Ryan Conley had a team of hundreds of thousands in his downline at FutureNet after he was removed from the company, it turned out that other top distributors of the company had been terminated as well.

Here is a list of the other known affiliates who have been kicked out of the company which has resulted in millions of dollars that have been seized from top management of Futurenet.

Name : Ryan Conley 
User name: bitcoinryan
Email: cryptoryan@protonmail.com
Steal money: tba

Name: Brie Conley 
User name: bitcoinbrie 
Email: bitcoinryan3@gmail.com
Steal money: tba

Name: Yu Rose Guo
User name: futurenet888
Email: futurenet888@163.com
Steal money : $800,000

Name: Mei Ying Sun
User name: futurenetcoin 
Email: xiayu521137@163.com
Steal money: $500,000

Name : Tong Cheng Guo
User name: shandong
Email: futurenetcoin@163.com
Steal Money: $200,000

Name: Jean Chang
User name: jeanc1234
Email: jclasercenter@yahoo.com
Steal money: $500,000

Name: wangkebiao. 
username: wl1919. 
Email: owenelle@sian.com
Steal money: $1,000,000

Name: 孟宪育
ID: mxy1688
Email: mxy18322561313@163.com
Steal money : $100,000

Crossline recruiting cannot be an issue that the company uses to terminate their affiliates in the system such as FutureNet where they make their users watch 10 ads a day of opportunities presented only by FutureNet affiliates within the FutureAdPro network.

Ryan Conley worked very hard for over four years to help the company become $1 billion company. He was the top donor to the FutureNet foundation out of over 4.8 million affiliates. He had paid out of his own pocket it for FutureNet international offices in the countries of Nigeria, South Africa, in Vietnam. Ryan pride in himself in using his future and earnings to provide clean water for 33,000 Africans a day working with Water For The World. He has even gone to Africa and fed over 300 families personally while visiting.

When companies kick out their promoters who work hard to grow them to be the organization that they are, it becomes a liability for all distributors in the company moving forward. A social media network should be about free-speech and affiliates at FutureNet should be able to promote any opportunity that they wish moving forward.

This petition represents you agreeing that no distributor should be removed from the system for promoting other opportunities due to the fact that FutureAdPro insists on distributors to market opportunities every day to affiliates only within the system. We are asking for all distributors that have been terminated to be brought back to active status within the system so FutureNet can be a viable company moving forward for decades to come.

Thank you for your support. Sincerely Ryan Conley and Team

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!