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Change Cenk Uygur's Offensive Show Name The Young Turks

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The Young Turks seem to have no problem holding others to a moral standard that they themselves do not practice. The Young Turks have done multiple videos expressing their belief that the American football team ‘The Redskins’, should change their name because it is offensive to an entire community. Uygur and Kasparian even went as far as to agree with the passing of a law that would ban the name ‘Red Skins’. Uygur asserted that anyone who complained about the law was “Stuck in 1955“. When referring to the offensiveness of the name, Uygur said that if we won’t stand for a football team named ‘The Chinamen’, then we should not stand for the name ‘The Redskins’. True enough. Though equally, if we would never tolerate a show named ‘The Third Reich’, due to the systematic massacres they committed against a specific ethnic group, we should also not tolerate a show entitled ‘The Young Turks’ for precisely the same reasons. Uygur, however, is taking advantage of the fact that most people are ignorant of the history of the Ottoman Empire and The Young Turks political party, whose members were responsible for the torture and deaths of over a million Armenians.

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