Highway travel should be easier, not complicated! PLUS & Touch 'n Go needs to improve!

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Starting October 15th, Malaysian PLUS highway will NOT allow prepaid Touch & Go (T&G) to be topped up at highway entrance or exit after refused to accept cash payment years prior. This was aimed at reducing congestion at the two choke points. However, users have experienced FRUSTRATION, STRESS, & ANXIETY with DIFFICULTY  in finding T&G prepaid top-up points, especially for users away from KL such as Johor, Perak & Kedah where such stations are sparce. For instance, users from Johor Bahru to Pagoh can only top-up at Machap R&R. More frustratingly, top-up providers are often "offline", or the self service terminal is full of cash that it refuse to accept it anymore. Worst, both happened at the same time! Online top-up for T&G never existed. Users often have to conduct multiple stops at different places, only to learn that the top-up points is not working.

This service providers also plotted with credit card providers to offer "Zing" service, charging RM2 for each RM50 reloads, a 4% charge. This fee does not contribute to overall quality improvement of PLUS service.

PLUS and T&G should prepare ample top-up stations, drive thru kiosks, and online top-up to ease the stress, anxiety & grievance experienced by users before even executing the blanket rule planned on 15th October.

Malaysia Competition Commission should fine both Plus and T&G for misusing their position as Monopoly for the payment method & sole provider for highway between Northern & Southern Malaysian Peninsular.

Court battle between PLUS, Touch 'n Go & CIMB should not be at the expenses of users!