Never Again Without Elevator

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Never Again Without Elevator

In popular neighborhoods, not being able to enjoy one's daily lift tends to become the rule. The metaphor of the blocked social elevator is thus expressed literally for the inhabitants of hundreds of popular apartment buildings.

The thousands of parents of young children, pregnant women, grandparents whose families do not live nearby and people with reduced mobility are subjected to the inertia of the backers and lifts workers and suffer a real ordeal, not only physical but also in a psychological and social way. No elevator means less, or even zero, mobility and autonomy. It's a decrease of a social bond. It's isolation, and even danger.

Originally from Seine-Saint-Denis, I have been campaigning for many years for a better integration of the inhabitants of the suburbs. Through our commitments, we have seen how much relegation to a territory began with what may seem at first sight derisory or even routine. This is what led us to campaign in the citizen collective “Plus Sans Ascenseurs" – No More Without Lifts -, which is fighting against these unacceptable situations of recurring breakdowns.

Under the pretext that social emergencies are increasing, national and local authorities, and even more the backers, are reluctant to take strong steps to solve this problem that goes far beyond a simple service.

They forget that one of the fundamental freedoms in France is that of being able to come and go, and that many people, trapped at home, are now deprived of it. In 2017, the delay of four months to repair an elevator is simply inconceivable. I want to recall the obvious: the problem we are pointing out is far from insoluble. It is neither more nor less than a question of will.

With the collective "Plus Sans Ascenseurs" - No More Without Lifts - , we denounce this situation as humiliating and unsustainable.

We are asking President Emmanuel Macron to seize this concrete problem - far from the big promises - and to commit to a public service of housing that fully takes into consideration the living environment of all citizens. 

We call on all citizens of France, whether they live in the popular neighborhoods or not, to mobilize by signing this petition.

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