Prevent the Plummer Township Trailer By-Law

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Plummer Township is proposing a new trailer by-law that would restrict trailer usage and storage, a copy of which can be found at the link below on the Township's website.

Under the proposed by-law:

  • The township will have the right to access and inspect any property at any time, without permission
  •  Residents would require a $75 seasonal license or a $20 short term license for trailer usage or storage on private property
  •  A limit of one license (one trailer) will be issued per property
  • Temporary parking or usage of more than a single trailer will be prohibited
  • Storage of trailers will also be restricted
  • Decks, awnings and modifications to trailers will be restricted
  • Any property owners that do not obtain a license will be subject to a $300 fine
  • Any property owners that have more than one trailer on their property will be subject to a $300 fine
  • Any property owners that construct a deck on their trailer in excess of 10m2 will be subject to a $300 fine
  • Any property owners that obstruct the person designated to enforce this by-law will be subject to a $300 fine

The final vote on the proposed by-law is on May 15th at the next council meeting and the deadline for feedback is May 6th. If you are opposed, please take the time to share your thoughts with our council and to sign this petition. The only way to prevent it from being passed is to make our disapproval known. 

Any persons who are interested in appealing the proposed by-law are instructed to email

Councillor: Mike Jones

Councillor: Boris Koehler (705)949-2640

Councillor: Carl MacKenzie (705)785-3037

Councillor: Tasha Strum (705)785-3149