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There is no denying Goondiwindi's Plucked Duck B&S Ball is a historic event that everyone knows or should know about. 

Big ole' Bush doof, flowing BYO beverages during the day with mates as you all sit around your vehicles (mostly utes) and/or camp sites with your 'Best of Country Hits' compilation CD pumping or one of your mates soundcloud because 'he knows the best dj's'

As the sunsets, everyone transcends on the outdoor arena for live music, dj's and a bottomless bar to drink away the memories made that day.

In past years live music has been alright. Thirsty Merc, Evermore and the list goes on. But in recent years it's been more lacklustre than Gympie Muster. 

Local singers,dj's & bands (which is great), but that doesn't sell tickets to Australia? that doesn't make more money for charities which they hope to do? 

Last year obviously the committee run by fresh teens & young adults brought forth the idea of Australian rock band Kingswood. Where it kinda sounds good? Good if the majority of the audience was grass smoking, Triple J listening bearded men who sit around talking about their feelings. Tens of thousands of dollars later and you have a couple thousand people rock up for yet another 'alright B&S'.

It's time to pick up your game Gundy B&S. It's time to push forward with the times and look at what is popular in today's society especially with the young people you are aiming to target. 

In walks Shannon Noll. 

This legend of a singer needs to perform at The Gundy B&S. He is 'in with the young people' at the moment, he has a large amount of songs, more than your mum can tap her lil' spotify finger on. 

He is an Australian legend who more people in this country know of, than the ones who don't. It's like a solid 90% "Yeh mate, I know Shannon Noll" to a small 10% of "Sorry who is Shannon Noll and why r u in my Chinese restaurant" type of vibe. 

Get with the times. Think outside the box, listen to what people want instead of letting 19 year Lizzie decide what entertainment you should have. 

Shannon Noll is a quarter of the price you've paid for acts in the past and you can make double the ticket sales which means more money for Charity! 

So go on and do it, make it happen. 

Because a B&S without Shannon Noll is just BS.

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