Standardized Policy for Car Parking at Malls, Multiplexes & Other Public Places!

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I am a citizen of India and I have been paying unreasonable amount of money towards Car Parking and facing issues to find a parking space at important locations! This is not just my problem but also a bigger issue when we look at the scenario in details.

When we visit Multiplexes, Shopping Malls, or even at designated parking spaces on the streets, we are billed for parking our cars.

My concerns are as follows:

1. Why do various public parking area such as malls, amusement parks, multiplexes have various parking prices? Some charges 10, or 20, or 30 per hour.

2. A few places even changes premium rates during peak hours.

3. Many hospitals across nation does not have free parking spaces inside the campus. Either it is reserved for in-house employees, doctors... or there are no provision to park cars even outside. Many hospitals openly disown the problem with car parking if we bring patients for visit. What do we do with the car? Cannot shrink the car and carry it along with us or should we not bring patients to hospitals? I had to even return home with the patient for not finding a space to park my car outside a renowned hospital in Mukundapur area, Kolkata, India.

4. Why do they charge car-parking amount in hourly basis and not in basis of minutes? I think this is not fair. In electronic billing, even when a car arrives at the payment counter and is delayed for a min, the bill takes the amount for the next full hour. Therefore, I am paying for the hour when my car is not available at the parking space. I do not think this is a fair policy!

5. Finally yet importantly, cars should not be allowed to keep "engine ON" when it is parked especially when it is in the basement or in a closed area. Many drivers keep engine ON primarily to run the AC. The exhausted air from car pollutes the environment at multiple folds when they are in such closed area compared to open Parking spaces (nevertheless, it pollutes the environment as well!).

Due to high parking fees, unreasonable premium at peak hours and unfair billing policies, a lot of congestion on road is being created as people are parking their vehicles on the roads or narrow lanes, or even circle around malls, multiplexes, etc. to avoid parking charges. Due to the billing policy per hour, many of us, when we see that we are about to fall in the next hour never speed up to leave the parking space and we use the next full hour. All these unintentionally congest parking space, roads and leaves no room for others to park their car when they arrive at the parking bay in real need.

I request the following for consistency, uniformity and fair policy:

1. The parking charges across Malls, Multiplexes, Amusement Parks, Tourist Places, public places, etc. should have uniform parking rates. They should not charge uneven rates at various locations (even in the same city). All rates should be uniform.

2. Every hospitals in India should have a designated parking space for visitors, either inside or outside. 

3. They should charge in per min basis and not per hour across India. There should be a standard for billing the car parking duration. Owners should pay the exact amount that they had parked and not bill any advance hours. For example, currently if I pay INR 40 per hour and I parked my car for 65 mins, I should NOT be paying INR 80 but it should be around INR 43 instead, to be paid for just the mins I parked my car. Millions of cars are parked across India and with this nature of billing; it is unfair to pull money from them. In electronic billing system, charging per min amount should not be a big change for them but a big change for all of us!

4. Those who still provides manual bills should be given handheld billing machine and that the bill should be charged for each min of parking. Parking booths are making a lot of extra/unreasonable money with this approach, which often is ignored by us.

5. Car's engine should be switched off when parked in a parking bay. It should be legally banned to keep engine ON when parked in closed or open area.

I parked my car thousands of times and every time I feel there is no standard or uniformity and it is extremely unfair. We are smart and need people around us to behave professionally with the parking policy and we should not fall into a trap of a few handful of local people making and changing rules at their own will. I request to please look into the matters related to car parking across India to make a good life for all of us and allow us to live in a society driven by standard policies and norms.

Thank you!
Warm Regards,

Arkaprovo Chakrabarty