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A British Mother could be murdered in Cyprus, signing and sharing this petition could literally save her life!     We need to force the Cypriot authorities to act!  Please help us free and protect this woman and her young children who have been forced by the Cypriot Courts to stay in Cyprus against their will, they must be allowed to go home to safety,  they are living every day in terror under a cloud of fear and stress, the Mother has been repeatedly assaulted, stalked and harassed by a violent criminal who has 'friends of friends' in the Cyprus Police force who persistently refused to listen to the woman's many reports of threats and assaults which have escalated to death threats, the terrified woman has been told she will have her head cut off and that she will be cut into pieces and disappear, given that her abuser is violent and illegally enters and exits Cyprus at will then he could easily kill her and disappear again.  

She is terrified and alone and doesn't know what's coming next, she has been framed and set up to be falsely accused of a serious crime, a serving police officer is implicated in setting this up, please take a moment to consider how terrifying this situation is.  We have proof of all of this, there is a lot of it on record, we have seen video evidence where a police Sergeant spends nearly 40 minutes trying to talk her out of pressing charges when she was yet again assaulted!   We have seen the emails sent to Police Headquarters and the Attorney General (amongst others) where the mother warns them that the abuser would set her up, he taunted her and told her what he would do and he did it, the authorities could have stopped it but they ignored her pleas for help and the warning of what he would do (this aspect is so serious that we are taking legal advice and will be publishing a full account as a special update)    

This mother cannot get access to Justice in the Cyprus Courts in order to defend her children and herself, the abuser is the child's father who has had the little girl put on the 'Stop LIst' in an attempt to support his application to stay in Cyprus.  The Cypriot Court put the child on the Stop List without hearing the mother's side of the story, they set a later date for a hearing,  they did it without first giving her  a chance to explain how her child has been affected by the violence and abuse or to tell the full story of what he has done to this family, there is much more than is written here.  She could not explain how she has no work in winter, how can a Court force them to stay in a foreign Country under those circumstances? They don't even have any family in Cyprus and are on their own with no support. They have put this man's needs and wants before this family's Human Rights.    Nobody involved is Cypriot. how can the Courts justify this? The mother and child are British, both born in Britain and have British passports, the father is from the Middle East (although he uses a Cypriot name and passes himself off as Cypriot)   How can the Court even accept a request from someone who has twice been deported back to his own country then defied those orders and strolled back in, his audacity is breathtaking

The mother cannot get Legal Aid in time for the next hearing which is this week, she has attended an application hearing on several occasions, each time they send her away to produce yet another document and then set another date,  constantly holding up proceedings, reading the file it looks like delaying tactics!  Legal Aid is difficult to get in Cyprus. The judge has warned that she will not accept any more delays as the case has been postponed several times as the Legal Aid application is awaited, it is not the victim's fault that there has been delays, the case has also been delayed as the Social Welfare department were late in submitting information, so two departments have caused delays and the family are left without access to Justice?     With no funds to pay for further legal help the mother was forced to represent herself when attempting to file papers to ask for a restraining order to protect her family, hostile Court officials would not allow her a translator and were extremely unhelpful and dismissive,  at every turn this family have been failed.  They told her to arrange it and pay for translation herself. She eventually arranged this and re submitted the application only for the Court to reject it on the grounds that it wasn't presented in  a legal format.  The papers were drawn up under guidance from experts at a Woman's aid organisation, they insist that her application should have been accepted. 

She has been let down at every turn, at the Criminal Court where she was a witness against this man, no police officer involved in the case was there, no one contacted her or were present as she had to face her attacker alone in the Court Building, the cases ended up all being postponed until March, further prolonging the agony for this family

There is much more to this story, including arrests warrants cancelled at a high level, leaving him free to walk the streets while he awaits trial, why was he not held in a detention centre at least? We will be exposing all those involved who did nothing to protect these children and their mother.  There are Ministers who should be publicly called to account over their epic failures,  for now this  is an emergency measure, we hereby Petition the Attorney General in Cyprus, The Minister for Justice and Public Order and the Chief Of Police in Cyprus to immediately investigate this case and ensure that this family are protected from harm and receive access to Justice in the Cypriot Courts, we demand the child be removed from  the Stop List and be allowed to travel freely as is her right, we petition the UK Foreign Office to examine this situation ans ensure that their citizens in Cyprus are protected 


We must emphasise that the accusations against officers at Ayia Napa police station involve only certain officers.  Some are not involved at all and there are honest, hard working police officers at that station and all over Cyprus, they are not all corrupt but corruption is a serious issue and is a major factor in this case, corruot police officers have caused serious damage to this family.  Please also note that following a report to the Deputy Chief Constable he quickly instructed new officers to investigate this case, several differant Police departments were involved  and they did their job professionally and efficiently, working hard to investigate and bring charges against this man.  However he was freed on bail and there have been other set backs, he is still free and the danger is still there

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