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Please Remove the Tree that Blocks the View of Our Gazebo!

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As a resident of the Waterman Farms housing addition I was excited to see a beautiful Gazebo at the entrance of our housing addition from Promise road. However that once beautiful site has now been blocked by a tree. This tree literally sets right in front of the sidewalk that leads to the Gazebo and also blocks the view of the Gazebo. I would like to ask the Tree Board to seriously consider moving the tree. I understand trees are a very important part of the natural habitat of our community but I don't think its current location is anymore important than if it was located somewhere else. The Gazebo is one of the more beautiful sites of our housing addition and I feel it is due the respect of being seen as it was meant to be seen before the planting of the tree. As a resident I should have the right to enjoy the landscaping as it was meant to be seen. Not to mention as a resident I pay HOA fees to keep the Gazebo and surrounding common areas mowed and looking good. So in return I should be allowed to enjoy the views in which these common areas provide. Please consider moving this tree to a more appropriate spot. Thank you.

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