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Stop the descrimination of Transgendered people

The Plenty Of Fish dating website discriminates against Transgendered people by deleting their accounts. In this day and age this sort of behavior should be unacceptable, especially by a corporation that runs one of the largest dating sites in the world. Its well known in the transgender community that POF regularly deletes transgender accounts without batting an eye, and if anyone asks them its an "accident" because they thought you were being fraudulent. That's if you ever get a response from them on the matter, they would rather pretend we don't exist. This important because it is a civil and human rights issue, nobody especially a large corporation should ever discriminate against anyone, its just plain wrong. We ask that POF stop their discrimination immediately and stop hiding behind transparent lies. I ask anyone in the Transgendered community and anyone who supports us sign our petition! Stop the hate!

Letter to
Plenty Of Fish -
We are well aware of your corporations discrimination of Transgendered people. Discrimination in this day and age is simply unacceptable and we will not stand for it. We are human beings just like you and deserve the same respect. We ask that you cease your sanctioned discrimination immediately, this includes the deletion of Transgendered individuals accounts. We know you like to hide behind the veil of calling us fraudulent or any other excuse you may come up with, please don't insult us further by doing so any longer.

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