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Pledge your support of Death with Dignity Laws

I support and defend the passage of Death with Dignity laws in all states. For me, this is personal — my husband Rick used the law in 1999 after an eight month bout with lung cancer. Not everyone would have made the choice Rick did, and in the states with Death with Dignity laws in place, very few have over the years. But choices like these should remain in our hands, and not the hands of the government.

The glory of the United States is that we honor and cherish individual freedom — freedom to live as we choose and freedom to die as we choose. After all Rick went through during his illness, it was crucial for him to know he could control the final moments of his life. Oregon's Death with Dignity law gave him that control, and I want to secure that freedom for others.

I’m proud that I was able to help my husband when it mattered most, and I’m proud to support the Death with Dignity National Center and its work. Conscientious pain management and compassionate end-of-life care are issues whose time has come. Even though this movement affects the lives of millions, it will always be a personal issue for me, as it should be for you. Death with Dignity protects individual terminally-ill adults who ask for nothing more than the comfort and control that such laws provide. The only rights we can count on are those we secure and defend ourselves.

I hope that you join me and pledge to support Death with Dignity laws in your own state and across the U.S.

- Nora Miller, Oregon

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