Pledge to tell the truth about the Climate Emergency - Mobilize and sign up to help!

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We are in a climate and ecological emergency of existential proportions, and we must act urgently.  Without a massive effort to reverse the global warming that threatens humanity and the natural world, life as we know it will continue to collapse.  The death of coral reefs, mass extinction, mega-fires, and disrupted harvests are already part of our lives. It’s time for local governments, state governments, and Congress to join over 740 governments in 16 countries around the world in telling the truth about the extent and the causes of climate breakdown.  

Please pledge your support for the Napa Valley Unified School District’s (NVUSD) Call for Climate Change Action.  Safeguard our youth and the future of all life:

– Call for courageous climate leadership in all sectors of society.  Urge Napa County governments, the State of California, and Congress to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.  Vote for those who will work to help.

– Mobilize people, resources, science, technology, and businesses, on a scale even larger than that of World War II, to reverse global warming and prevent further catastrophe. 

– Remove the sources of excess trapped heat that are responsible for climate change, and increase natural carbon sequestration through responsible stewardship of forests, agricultural lands, and watersheds.

–  Hold those in positions of power accountable for achieving the goal of net zero climate pollution before 2030! 

What can you do to help?

- Organize and/or attend local Climate Action Meetings

- Learn about how your personal habits can affect the environment, and what you can do to reduce Carbon emissions

- Recruit volunteers and get your friends and family involved. The climate crisis affects all of us.

-Recieve Updates from Schools for Climate Action Committee. Contact: for more info.