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Pledge to Save Play for Kids


Kids today are spending more time being sedentary and less time being active and outdoors -- in other words, playing! 

Shrinking recess and increased homework leave little time for play. And increasingly, cities are building new schools without playgrounds. Despite countless studies proving that play is integral to children's learning and health, most kids aren't getting enough space and time to play.

If we want children to succeed, we have to make playtime a priority.

We need to create play spaces for our kids that encourage risk-taking and autonomy, allow them to be in control, and give them the time and space they need to exercise their bodies and master certain skills.

And we need to need recognize and prioritize the importance of play in our children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

We need to save play. Pledge your support today.

Play is on the decline throughout America. Not enough playspaces are being built and those that do exist are often is disrepair or made unavailable to children.

The issues surrounding this decline are numerous. Many playgrounds fail to challenge both a child’s imagination and body, recess is being removed from our nation’s schools as a result of academic testing, parents concerns over safety have limited children’s opportunities to play outdoors unsupervised, and more and more children are electing to stay indoors and make use of electronic media.

The belief that play is a luxury is an untruth that far too many have accepted. In fact, play helps kids grow to be healthy, happy, and successful through an experience full of creativity, exploration, physical activity, friendship, and adventure.

For all these reasons and more, I'm pledging to save play.

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