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Pledge to Live Life Inspired by Mandela


As Nelson Mandela turns ninety-five and his condition remains critical, there is no better moment than now to pledge to live your life Inspired by Mandela.

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to doing whatever was necessary to change the world to be a better place. Mandela has made an indelible mark on the world through his actions and his indomitable spirit. His leadership, his extraordinary humanitarian contributions and the model of his life - his struggle and dedication - are unparalleled.

Mandela spent 67 years in service not only to South Africa, but to the entire world. His words, actions and example have touched the lives of countless people in every corner of the globe. But Mandela’s story isn’t just history; Mandela has essential lessons to teach us today.

Mandela is an example of healing, of how one perseveres when there is not an appearance of justice.

The way we confront the challenges the world faces today would change if we looked at things with the perspective of Nelson Mandela. At TransAfrica, we are inspired by Mandela to speak truth to power and to advocate for U.S. policies that spread our values throughout the world. Those values – respect for all life and human rights, empowerment, dignity, representation and self-determination – are rooted in Mandela’s example.

Will you take the pledge to live life inspired by Mandela today?

I will make my voice heard so that U.S. foreign policy supports human rights, strengthens the self-determination of people while improving the quality of their lives;

I will take action to ensure that U.S. foreign policy aligns with my values and dismantles systems of economic and social apartheid;

I pledge to work for reconciliation even when it isn’t clear that justice has been served;

I will rise beyond the ordinary in the face of extraordinary circumstances;

I will live life as though no one is watching and express myself as though everyone is listening;

I will not believe that it is impossible, but rather than it just hasn’t been done yet.

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