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Our blue planet, Earth, is home 2.2 million species, from the colossal blue whale to the small and psychedelic peacock mantis shrimp! The oceans are vastly diverse, yet there are up to 100 million species that still haven't been discovered. Our oceans don't just give life to sea animals: 1 billion people in developing countries rely on fishing as their primary source of food, and the oceans aquatic plants provide 70% of the oxygen we breathe.

However, our oceans are in deep trouble.

Our oceans are dying, fast. All marine wildlife populations have halved during the past 40 years, with some species, such as tuna, having fallen by over 70%. Why is this happening? Pollution, habitat destruction, climate change, over-fishing and fish-farming are the biggest culprits; by 2050, our sea life could be gone forever- we don't have long until we hit our #OceanDeadline. We still have time to stop this mass extinction event from happening, but we need your help, now!

How can you help us?

The simplest, most effective way you can save the ocean today is to eat less fish or, better yet, avoid seafood entirely! We are fishing ocean species to extinction. Trillions of fish are caught each year, yet millions more are killed by abandoned fishing gear, discarded as by-products and farmed to feed other animals like chickens. Even the ecosystems fish live on are being eaten away by overfishing.

Why should we care about fish?

The biggest victims of mass ocean extinction are the animals who live there- fish! Fish are so much more special than we originally thought they were: they have excellent memories, highly developed senses and show complex social behaviours but, most importantly, they seek comfort and avoid pain, just like you and I. Fish have even been known to form friendships with humans! A local diver in Japan has been visiting the same fish – a sheapshead wrasse called Yoriko – for over 25 years: Yoriko enjoys being petted, and returns to greet his diving friend every day, all for a kiss. Each fish killed was an individual who wanted to live.

Our future can and will change!

We don't have to lose our oceans to overfishing. Together, we can beat this #OceanDeadline. Together, we can save our world. Not only do humans rely on us to protect their food source; we need to give all marine life a chance to survive past the year 2050. If we go fish-free, or eat less fish from now, then we can have a fish-full future!

One more thing...

Share this pledge on Facebook and Twitter. The more people who hear our message, the more people who join in, and the more people we will have fighting for our cause! Friends, family, followers and fans, get them all on board. Our oceans urgently need your help, today.

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Campaign photo: A still from an investigation into bluefin tuna fishing in Calforte, Italy, by Animal Equality.

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