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AVC presents culling alternative to Mauritian Government

Anti Vivisection Coalition (AVC)

Dec 26, 2013 — As part of AVC's Mauritian Sugar Boycott, we have worked with leading British companies to reflect their Corporate & Social Responsibility Policies by pledging to not use sugar obtained from the island's plantations involved in the culling of primates for experimentation. Consequently, over 10,800 shops across the UK will now only sell monkey-friendly sugar!

In a letter to the Minister for Agro-Industry & Food Security, AVC highlights the problems with culling and presents an evidence-based humane solution to the government's concerns on primates.

AVC's Three Point Plan is based on ecological science and addresses the root causes of the primate cull through recommending a combination of contraception, education and deterrence.

We currently await a response from the Mauritian Government as to whether our proposal has been accepted.


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