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The New York Times describes anti-choice bills being introduced across the country as "reckless", "highly intrusive", and building on laws that have already "taken a grievous toll on the fundamental right protected by Roe v. Wade."

Sign the Pledge to Act and tell anti-choice lawmakers that you are ready to fight back.

Letter to
Anti-choice lawmakers
Anti-choice lawmakers across the country are mounting an aggressive attack against women’s reproductive rights. I am signing the “Pledge to Act” to declare that I will not sit idly by as women’s constitutional rights are chipped away. I will contact my Members of Congress when women’s rights are violated. I will speak up when the government attempts to intrude on a woman’s private medical decisions. I will gather my friends and family—and anyone who will listen—and urge them to take action with me when women’s reproductive rights—which includes the right to abortion, contraception and to safe pregnancy—are infringed upon.

I pledge to act until every woman can participate with full dignity as an equal member of society.