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Support the freedom to marry in Oregon

All over Oregon, loving and committed same sex couples like Gina and Regina are raising families and contributing to their communities.

Sign our pledge if you believe they should have the freedom to marry in Oregon.
Next year, Oregon can become the first state in the nation to affirm the freedom to marry in our state constitution.

Same sex couples want to express their love and commitment in a way that is no different from any other couple. They deserve the dignity, support and recognition that only marriage can provide.

We are united in our belief that allowing marriage licenses for same-sex couples strengthens families and strengthens the state we love. And we are united in our hope that the people of Oregon will join us in supporting the freedom to marry for all of Oregon's loving, committed same-sex couples.

Let's take this opportunity to strengthen our relationships with communities of color, people of faith, and partners all across Oregon. Be a part of the Oregon United for Marriage campaign by adding your name to our pledge today!

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