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Pledge of support for building the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

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Sign this pledge of support to show that you would like to see a new dinosaur museum built in northern Alberta, Canada called the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.

The museum will offer school and public programs for all ages, and feature a dinosaur research lab, two classrooms, a theatre, a giftshop, a restaurant, a large dinosaur gallery focusing on Alberta's palaeontological wealth, a geology gallery, an oil & gas gallery and plenty of outdoor spaces for family picnics. 

The museum project has raised $28 million of the $34 million needed to complete the museum and is in the process of fundraising the last $6 million needed for the exhibits.  

Over the past three years the project has fully engaged local students and residents. Ten curriculum-based education programs have been developed and delivered in area schools during the past two years with over 5,000 students participating. Over 7,700 members of the public have already experienced a public education program be it a 2-hour guided dinosaur tour or a dinosaur-themed theatrical performance.

Over a decade in the making, this project is based on real research and lots of hard work. This museum will have a dino-sized economic and social impact on the region.

The museum will be situated on Highway 43 near the town of Wembley, Alberta and only kilometers from one of the world's largest and densest horned dinosaur sites. The architectural design is complete, the tendering documents are done and we are ready to breakground.

However, we still have some hurdles to jump and your pledge of support will help us over them. We ask only for your signature of support. It doesn't cost a cent, but the resulting list of signatures is priceless for our project.

We need local residents of Alberta, Canadian citizens and people of the world to show that they would like to see such a facility built to house and showcase the palaeontological wonders found in northern Alberta. 

To learn more read our FAQs on recent developments, our backgrounder on recent events or visit our page, Pledge of Support

Help us reach our goal of 5,000 signatures (but we won’t complain if we get more). You must be 13-years or older to sign the pledge. While the pledge asks for your email and address this information will not be publicly displayed. Please take 3 minutes of your time to make a difference that will last a lifetime and more.

Thank you for supporting our project to build the world a new, interactive and exciting dinosaur museum! 

By signing, you are agreeing that: 

Education and cultural facilities are important to any successful society, and that you support projects that encourage scientific and cultural development, especially when those projects also carry regional economic benefits.

Within that framework, you support the creation of the Philip J. Currie
Dinosaur Museum, to be built outside of Wembley, Alberta, Canada,
which will be the second major dinosaur museum in the province.

We, the signatories, pledge the following:

- We support this project, and recognize that it carries wide-ranging
long term benefits for the Grande Prairie area, the region, and the
- We will personally visit the museum, and look forward to doing so. In
some cases we're going to be coming from great distances to visit it,
and to see what Grande Prairie has to offer.
- We believe every local school child will benefit from a museum like
this. There is wide ranging evidence of the educational power of museums
on communities. Museums can make science real to kids, open up whole new
paths of education and interest that would otherwise never be explored.
The Currie Museum will provide annual field trip opportunities for every
grade, developed to meet the requirements of the Alberta curriculum.
- We thank current government and private donors and sponsors who have
given so much to support this project.
- We also encourage more public officials and companies to publicly
support this project.

Today: Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is counting on you

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