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Petitioning Senator Dan Blue and 15 others

Please VOTE NO to Senate Bill 648


This bill sends the wrong message for NC business and closes the barn door on animal cruelty. SB 648 has now been moved from Senate Judiciary to Senate Rules Committee. Despite all of your calls and emails this bill continues to move forward. Please click on the link below and ask committee members to VOTE NO to SB 648. We are better than this in NC.

Letter to
Senator Dan Blue
Senator Harry Brown
Senator Wesley Meredith
and 13 others
Senator Tom Apodaca
Senator Ben Clark
Senator Kathy Harrington
Senator Clark Jenkins
Senator Josh Stein
Senator Peter S. Brunstetter
Senator Chad Barefoot
Senator Andrew C. Brock
Senator Ralph Hise
Senator Brent Jackson
Senator Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr.
Senator E. S. (Buck) Newton
Senator Bill Rabon
A similar bill was vetoed by the Governor in Tennessee on Monday and deemed by Attorney General as "constitutionally suspect". We are better than this in NC....Please vote NO to SB 648 "NC Commerce Protection Act of 2013".