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Please vote in favor of House Bill 78 Participant Compensation


This bill will level the playing field at the Maryland Public Service Commission between utility companies and rate payers.

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Maryland State House
Maryland State Senate
Maryland Governor is a Montgomery County based network of rate payers in the state of Maryland whose lives are economically, physically and emotionally impacted by sustained and frequent power outages and unreliable power delivery. We reach out to over 80,000 Maryland residents who advocate for a change in the way our Public Service Commission responds to this dilemma. We strongly support the passage of House Bill 78 Participant Compensation, introduced by Montgomery County Delegate Al Carr, District 18. The bill would be a significant step forward in leveling the playing field between utility companies in Maryland and rate payers. This bill, modeled after highly successful legislation in the progressive state of California, would compensate, on limited basis, individuals, non-profits and other interested parties who seek to make significant contributions to the findings in rate cases filed with the Maryland Public Service Commission. By creating a public record that reflects a diversity of rate payers’ views, the Public Service Commission would be able to serve the public much more effectively. More balanced decisions in the rate making process will be a result of participant’s unique perspectives, ideas and evidence. Utility companies are in a financial position to hire the best representation to advocate for their positions in rate cases. By compensating participants in a utility rate case, the citizens of Maryland would have the benefit of a balanced approach. When passed by the Assembly, House Bill 78 will greatly assist rate payers in having their voices heard. Thank you for your willingness to seriously consider our position and pass House Bill 78.

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