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Please urge the HRC to stop supporting anti-gay marriage candidates & add PAC funds to CEI report!

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HRC’s PAC has donated thousands to House Republicans over the years. They’ve given political contributions to Mark Kirk, Deborah Pryce & Mark Foley’s campaigns.


Recipients                     Year                 HRC Rating                  Donation Amount

Rep. Mark Kirk             2006                 76%                             $6000

Rep. Mark Foley           2006                 75%                             $2,000

Rep. Deborah Pryce     2006                 38%                             $2,525 


Who is watching the watchdog? Rep. Mark Kirk’s opponent Alexi Giannoulias supports full marriage equality. So, why is the HRC financially supporting Rep. Kirk who only supports civil unions when Mr. Giannoulias supports gay marriage?  

Rep. Kirk voted against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal amendment. My question to the LGBT community….will the HRC make it right?

I began to question the purpose of the HRC’s CEI.  I decided to do a little more investigating by researching the companies with 100% CEI score. Below are the results of my investigation:

Dell’s PAC - Political Donations:

è                 Rep. Virginia Foxx - $2500 contribution  (She believes Matthew Sheppard’s murder was a hoax and not a hate crime)

è                 Rep. Lamar Smith - $19,746 contribution (He recently drafted amendment to condemn reversal of Prop 8 and plans to introduce legislation in Texas to define marriage as between a man and a woman)


Viacom Inc. PAC (Parent Company of LOGO Television) – Political Donations:

è                 Rep. Lamar Smith - $6,000 contribution

è                 Rep. Chuck Grassley - $4,500 contribution (A member of Family D.C. - a group that supported Uganda anti-gay bill)

è                 Rep. Joe Barton - $3,000 contribution (Opposes gay marriage a DADT repeal)

The above contributions are not one-time incidents but are business as usual most LGBT ally corporations. I found Google, American Airlines, Bank of America and others have also contributed to anti-gay marriage candidates.

Why are we boycotting Target & Bestbuy? 

Two of our most trusted brands have contributed shareholder money that could help elect a candidate that wants nothing but the worst for us. Both companies talk about this contribution as a business decision. I would offer that it’s a really bad business decision. Both companies have now earned the bad will of LGBT people and fair-minded Americans. They need to make it right.” said Joe Solomones, President of HRC.

Join me in demanding the HRC makes this right!

Sign the petition below urging the HRC to add company PAC contributions to its equality index and to stop giving anti-gay candidates LGBT money.

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