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Please Trion, leave Pay-to-Win Items out of the cash shop on the new Fresh Start Servers!

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Dear Trion, I am starting this petition to help you better understand your player base, and how much they want to continue playing Archeage!  

Archeage is an incredible game.  It is the best game that I and many other gamers feel we have every played.  We would so love to make it our game of choice for years to come!

We love the decision you have made to release your new Fresh-Start servers.  New accounts means no transferred wealth from old accounts, and a limited cash shop means no unfair advantage between players.  We are all so very happy about this decision.

That being said, we think you should keep it this way!  So many players are coming back to Archeage, to relive the great experiences it had to offer before so many pay-to-win items were released in the cash shop.  When this happened, they all started leaving!  And when people started leaving, more and more people left due to the "dying state" the game devolved into.

Because of this, we are asking, begging, you to consider leaving the more pay-to-win items out of your cash shop indefinitely.  If you look at historical records of when you released the more pay-to-win items, and when players left the game, it will become very clear what will happen if you do the same thing again.

Additionally, if you let the public know that you have decided to make this change, so many more people will come to Archeage!  The pay-to-win aspect of Archeage is the main reason that many gamers turn away from returning, or even trying the game for the first time.  If you make this change, you will without a doubt have a much larger and more reliable player base.  This will inevitably lead to you making more money in the long term from Patron subscriptions, as well as pay-for-convenience and cosmetic cash shop purchases.

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