Please Thank These Extraordinary Judges That Stood Up For Animals!

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Please Thank These Extraordinary Judges That Stood Up For Animals!

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All too often, the suffering and torment animals endure in abuse cases is overlooked and not taken into consideration at the time of sentencing or sadly, it is not taken seriously enough to warrant even substantial jail time. Studies have proven that animal abusers are 5 times more likely to commit violent crimes and 4 times more likely to commit property crimes than those who do not have a history of animal abuse.

In the 1970s the FBI recognized the link and found that the profile of serial killers most often includes a history of animal abuse often starting in childhood. For more information please visit

Please sign this petition to thank these judges who sentenced animal abusers to more harsh sentences than usually happens and more that just a slap on the wrist.

We applaud the actions of the following Judges and would like to say “Thank You” to:

1) State Court Honorable Judge Alvin Wong sentenced Aaron Lewis to the maximum sentence of one-year in prison. Lewis locked his pit bull in a closet and left her to die. The tortured dog has left deep claw marks around the door in an attempt to release herself before dying a slow and agonizing death.Continue reading:

2) Honorable Judge Mary Barglund sentenced Nicholas Michael Leisner, 18, and Peter John Sauve, 17 to two to four years in prison for pleading guilty to three counts of torturing/killing an animal for beating three purebred Angus cattle.  
For more information: Teens get prison for cattle torture -

3) Circuit Judge Honorable David Hansher sentenced Michael Puerling to 6 months in jail for brutally killing a stray cat. Puerling swung the cat by its tail, then smashed the animal into a concrete slab five times, then threw it into a garbage cart. "The cat is a living human animal and doesn't deserve to be basically murdered, which is what happened in this case," Judge Hansher said.
Read about it:

4) District Judge Honorable Charles A. Chiapparelli sentenced Ethan Phillip Weibman to 90 days in prison for killing a short-haired cat named Lucy and the beating of another cat named Lola. Both cats were adopted to Weibman. Court documents say Weibman is suspected of having killed five more cats and kittens. For more information:,0,6692638.story

5) Honorable Judge Frederick R. Hardt sentenced Kelly Mills Gresham of Naples FL, to three years in prison on animal cruelty, battery and weapons possession charges for killing her boyfriends pregnant pit bull. Read about it:

6) Sierra County Superior Court Judge Honorable John Kennelly sentenced 19 year old Justin Phillip Lombardo-Barton to 360 days in jail and reinstated probation for deliberately running over Maggie the cattle dog with his Jeep Cherokee.
For more information:

7) Circuit Court Judge Hororable James Booras sentenced Elvin Dooley to a 20 month prison sentence for being found gulity of aggravated animal cruelty. Dooley shot a lost dog that had wondered on to his property. A Save-A-Pet employee was searching for the dog after spotting it in an open field near the shelter.  For more information: 

8) Honorable Judge Daniel J. Gattermeyer sentenced Edwin Saunders of Lockland, Ohio to 60 days in jail, $2800 in restitution and for 2 years will not be allowed to live in a house that has animals for starving and abandoning a dog now named "Audrey". More Information:

 9) Honorable Judge Albin Norblad sentenced Gabriel Elle Denison Buckner to 2 years in jail and 5 years of probation for 16 counts of animal abuse. The emaciated horses were discovered on Buckner's property.  At the time of her arrest, she was already on probation for 8 prior counts of animal cruelty. Buckner is prohibited from attending any shows for animals and cannot own or care for animals for the next 5 years. For more information:

10) Honorable Judge Cheryl E. Traum sentenced Zachary Scott Meerdink to 2  years in prison for beating a puppy to death with a baseball bat. Meerdink was convicted on the charge of animal torture, an aggravated misdemeanor. As part of his sentence, he also will undergo a psychological evaluation.  Read More:

A hard copy of this petition will be printed and sent to each Judge once the target signature goal is met.

This petition will be updated as more information becomes available but the intent will remain the same.

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