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AT&T has blocked Google’s Digital-Wallet GoogleWallet from all Android phones and successfully demanded Nokia to remove wireless battery charging technology (Qi Wireless) from its smartphone (Lumia 1520). AT&T actions is 100% anti-competition.

AT&T says it supports PMA over Qi-Wireless and AT&T has an investment ISIS (digital-wallet) therefore it decided to block GoogleWallet and demanded Nokia to remove integrated Qi-Wireless battery chargering tech. from all Nokia smartphones.

AT&T isn’t a Hardware manufacturer nor is it a software company. AT&T is Wireless Telecommunication Provider and it shouldn’t abuse its market dominant position (110-Million subscribers).

Smartphone/Device markers (OEM) can't afford ignoring AT&T's 110+ Million subscribers and it also becomes cost-prohibitive to manufacture two or three versions (for example: one with PMA, one with Qi and one with A4WP) of a same model of a smartphone or device. If AT&T or and Verizon arbitrary ban(s) a standard or technolgy, that standard or technology is essaintailly DEAD.

Now, there are even more exciting wireless power standards and technologies that already in the market or just about to come to the market. Here are some of those: Rezence by A4WP, WiTricity & Cota by Ossia Inc. Please, google them and I assure you, you won't want AT&T's anti-competition policies to kill those technologies or make them very expensive for you and me to purchase.

Most dominant desktop operating systems are made by Microsoft (Windows) and Apple (IOS) and if we had allowed them to block Google Search, we wouldn’t have Google today. Think about Facebook vs Myspace, we, the consumers picked the winner (Facebook) NOT Microsoft or Apple.

Less competing devices and technologies in the market means consumers will pay more and it also means less innovation. Please, sign this petition to help to protect your consumer rights.

1- (The US Lumia 1520 has the wrong kind of wireless charging. Thanks, AT&T!) via

2- (AT&T Removed Wireless Charging from Lumia 1520 to Shore Up PMA) via


A Brief History: The Bell System

Letter to
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
Washington Governor
and 16 others
President of the United States
Washington State Senate
Washington State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Senator Al Franken
Senator Jeff Merkley
Representative Jim McDermott
State Representative Cyrus Habib
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Governor Jay Inslee
Senator John Rockefeller
Senator Maria Cantwell
Senator Ron Wyden
Representative Alan Grayson
FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler
Dear Eric H. Holder, Jr.,

Please, demand AT&T to stop blocking perfectly fine software (Google-Digital-Wallet) and demanding Smartphone/Device makers (Nokia) to remove competing technologies and standards (integrated Qi-Wireless Battery Charging Tech.) Furthermore, leave the business of choosing Technology Standards to the Device & Smartphone makers (OEM).

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