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Petitioning Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament Mrs Erminia Mazzoni and 3 others

Please take measures against the atrocious conditions at the Oradea municipal shelter


This petition has been started by Occupy for Animals on January 24, 2013 and has been submitted to the European Parliament for official registration at the same date.


The Oradea-dog-shelter, once Romania's privately funded pilot project par excellence, has become a living hell for the animals since Mr Robert Smith, the president and founder of FPCC-SOS Dogs Oradea, has retired from it and since the municipality has taken it over.

We invite to view the picture evidence and to read it all on our website, to understand what we are talking about:

This petition aims to inform the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Europe about this situation given that Romania is a member state of the European Union since 2007, and a signatory of the European Council's Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals since 2005.

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  • Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament
    Mrs Erminia Mazzoni
  • Council of Europe
    President of the Council of Europe
  • European Commission
    Mr José Manuel Barroso
  • European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals
    Mr A. Erler

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