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Please Take '13 Reasons Why` off of Netflix

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From me: a suicide survivor and also all of the victims and professionals dealing with depression and other severe mental disorders:

Dear Netflix, "13 Reasons Why" is a mistake.
"13 Reasons Why" was apparently created to raise awareness on mental disorders caused, or become worse, due to bullying and sexual abuse. Nevertheless, the show has become a serious trigger instead of a helping point.

Those are the reasons:

-The main character is not relatable to people suffering depression (and or other mental disorders). Her acting shows a point of view far from what depression makes one feel like. Her working way  develops on hatred and some sort of vengance. Let me explain that all hatred one feels during depression is to one self: you end up feeling every bad thing that hapens to you is your own fault; you end up feeling you are a bother to everyone ense; you end up killing yourself; you don`t spend energy recording tapes and planning what will be of the idea of you after you die because you are exhausted, because talking is a great effort when you are depressed and and what you wish for is to just disappear.

-TRIGGERING. The show is highly triggering,not only the unnecessary suicide scene (of which I'll talk later) but the whole story and way of explaining it is a serious trigger. It's already happening: people are killing themselves after watching the show (*), and it's precisely the people who this show is trying to deffend that are dying because of it. Meanwhile neurotypical people are congratulating themselves on having created or watched such a "deep" show. The only good thing about the show is it's vaguely shown intention: to make youth aware of the "consequences" for bullying. But you forgot that not only bullies watch tv. The victims are watching this show and they can't relate. The victims are mentally ill and this illnes make us extremely VULNERABLE and SUSCEPTIBLE. I tremble in fear thinking of how the victims of this show must have felt, realising they weren't even able to relate to what they were supposed to be and then acting like that, copying what the show is telling them they must be and how they must feel because that's all they had left. And so they killed themselves. Because they were weak and the only thing they were supposed to relate to was a trigger.
On the trigger matter let me make clear how unnecessary and and harmful the suicide scene was: what you did was showing a way to kill oneself. One of the hardest ways, for it's extremely painful and extremely hard. Something that the show didn't even bother showing. Because skin IS NOT so easy to cut but even if it were what in the hell is wrong in your heads for you do depict a literal suicide in a show for teenage people thought to prevent scenes like this in real life? Did you perhaps think that suicidal people don't watch tv? Or maybe, and I think this is the right one, you were just thinking on creating morbid scenes to fill up your pockets?
If that was your intention at least you could have searched for a painless and easiest way to kill oneself so all these people wouldn't have had to suffer both the realisation that what they were doing wasn't as easy as they had seen and, you know, death.
You didn't need nor have to show the suicide scene, the risk was enormous and it's already making it's effect: people are killing themselves. I'ts a trigger and it's harmful.

Depression and other mental disorders are very complex. Not everybody suffers them the same way, still there are feelings and situations that are shared: those make possible the disorder's deffinition. But your show does not show reality and, at the same time it's corrupting it and making it worse for the people you are supposed to deffend.
Here's what I think you did: you took a trendy morbid topic, you made it yours even when you don't know anything about it and you made it sell going as far as you wanted to only to get more views and more money. You pretended you cared but all you did was making the situation worse while praising yourselves for your "empathy".

You ignored the real victims and you ignored the professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) that spoke for them from a sane point of view.

You need to take this harmful and triggering show out of the public and you need to apologize for the harm and for the deaths.

Stop pretending you care and start informing yourselves.

a survivor.

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