Impose Quality Checks and Price Control in Real Estates

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Situation: The prices in real estate agencies are increasing unaccountably without proper checks on quality and safety. The prices in real estate market are unstructured and uncontrolled manner and purely based on demand, but ignoring the quality of life it has to offer.

Yes, Price is [directly proportional] to Demand. Agreed!

This petition is to provide a means of structured approach where the property price is controlled by certain quality parameters and checks. Listed below are a set of quality parameters that will define weather price can be increased or decreased. If a property price needs to be increased, then it has to meet certain or all parameters. And by this we can control price rise based on quality of life it has to offer. By this we can achieve better quality of life and value for money. Kindly support the cause.

Agenda: Make Real estate [Price Control (directly proposal to) Quality Checks].

Parameter/Check list:
Real Estate Quality Check and Price Control initiative parameters to define price rise/fall.

  • Electricity : 24/7 non-interrupted electricity supply.
  • Water supply : 24/7 clean and non-polluted water supply for drinking and domestic usage.
  • Roads(Interior & Exterior) : Are Roads being constructed with quality, dividers, markings and scientific speed barkers on both internal and external roads.
  • Gardens & Parks : Decent size gardens with greenery and parks for children and senior citizens in the area.
  • Crime rate : Check on crime rate.
  • Foot-path : Safe and wide foot-paths on both sides of the road.
  • Street lights : Solar or efficient street lights/lamps throughout the area.
  • Sanitation : Proper sanitation with hygienic construction and maintenance.
  • Drainage system : Proper seepage and chamber draining systems.
  • Public toilets : Availability of hygienic and clean public toilets.
  • Pollution rate : Check on pollution rate.
  • Near by police station : Police station availability within the accessible premises in the society.
  • Police petrol : How often police petrol's are conducted like in day and night.
  • Women safety : Check on women safety with rapid response teams and crime control.
  • Khata : Based on khata's.
  • Hospitals : Government and private hospitals availability.
  • Education : Access to schools and collages from the locality.
  • Public transport : Access to public transportation's like buses, metro, railways and airport.
  • Demand for property : Price directly proposal to demand provided other quality checks are met.

Price increase:
The government and concerned administrative bodies should categorize pricing from minimum price cap to maximum price cap based on these parameters. Allow the property price to increase only if it is meeting few or all parameters as stated.
Ex: Suppose area 'Ganga Nagar' is currently priced at Rs.2500/sq.mts. If suppose the prices needs to go up from Rs.2500/sq.mts to say Rs.3500/sq.mts then it should only be allowed if it is full-filling a set of parameters.

These quality checks will help in quality of living and fair value for money in the real estate market. It is unfair to someone pay price for a property not worth without certain standards.

Price decrease:
If any of the existing or already implemented quality controls are degraded overtime or in any failure in its maintenance, then the price should also be lowered to an extent to the maximum of its minimum price cap.

The list of parameters may shrink or grow as stated above, however the basic idea is to have a quality of life and value for money in the real estate industry. This is possible when we impose quality checks and price control in this industry.

In-turn this will be a challenge to the administrative bodies to keep city clean and safe. Also this will also fast-track development of the nation too. It will also help citizens to be aware of quality and price for any given area, helping is paying fair amount of price for what to be owned or rented.

Why sign the petition?
By signing this petition, we all make that important and much needed leap in regularizing the unstructured and biased real estate prices and poor administration and facilities provided. This will also tap on land mafias and corruption. Let's join hands in making green India and clean India. Let's take this step to build a better India for next generations to come.

The petition will be provided to the concerned government bodies in both states and central.

Please support the cause. 

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