Please stand by me in seeing that the 417th court be changed

Please stand by me in seeing that the 417th court be changed

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Why this petition matters

Started by Amanda Burnett

If this judge is removed then no other family has to suffer what my family has been through in this court. This judge has been unfair by not removing them self from the case when having prior knowledge of past cases

2. This Judge has been witnessed by me and my 6 witness at court by not allowing me to speak when I was pro se and that is due process not given to me.

3. This judge is friends with the lawyers, cps and Ad litem in case.

4. This judge kicked me out of the case for no standing after allowing me on the case for almost 2 years. 

5.This judge allowed my grandchild to be placed with undocumented people and keeping my grandchild there even after a DNA test proved them not to be related. also kept saying my daughters rights were terminated to my grandchild when no final order was in place yet just because of my daughter signing a termination agreement under pressure which is being challenged 

6. I have  a singed order on November 30th from the judge that said it was granted that the attorney I have a conflict with was removed and my motion granted and found out that attorney is on the final draft to sign. 

7. This judge kicked me out of the case after almost 2 years on December 15th one day of my agreed  withdraw with my attorney. She made an order of motion to strike me on Standing and this was directly after the filing of an agreed withdrawal of me and my attorney.. This Motion To Strike Me from the case has been brought up more than one and 1st time was in April of 2021 and this time in October 2021. 

8. This Judge  stated she didn't even know my witness well  in a court hearing in March 2019 when I was Pro SE by saying  she had no social interactions with my witness before but the witness confirmed that is not true to me after the hearing 

9. In  2012 where my kids were in her court and we found lots of issues then as well. that goes back to her having knowledge of previous cases and orders that minors couldn't reach unless they are adults such as getting a lease in their name.. paperwork says that it was ordered for my daughter who  was a parent as a minor herself. 

10. My grandchildren keep making their way into her court even when they are born in Dallas county and should not be in a Collin county because the mother was a Dallas County resident. (I have the proof of this as well) 

"I have many more reasons why this judge should be removed but it would take a very long time to list them all. please sign and share if you support this 

150 have signed. Let’s get to 200!