Please support this appeal for COVID-19 vaccine access to Eritreans

Please support this appeal for COVID-19 vaccine access to Eritreans

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Eri Covax started this petition to World Health Organization (WHO)

January 31, 2022

Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director General

World Health Organization, WHO

Geneva, Switzerland

RE: An International Appeal for SARS-COV-2 Vaccines allocation for Eritreans

Dear Dr. Tedros Adhanom:

The undersigned exiled and Diaspora Eritrean medical and health professionals appeal to you to urgently allocate vaccines against Covid-19 to Eritrea from the COVAX program.

We agree with WHO that the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem that warrants a global response. We recognize vaccines against SARS-COV-2 are the most promising tools available to curb the pandemic.  The establishment of the COVAX program is a step in the right direction to guarantee fair and equitable access to these life saving vaccines throughout the world, particularly to poor countries such as Eritrea.

Unfortunately, Eritrea is the only African country that has not joined the COVAX program, depriving Eritreans access to these life saving vaccines. Such brazen behavior not only puts the Eritrean people in danger, but also is a weak link in a global strategy to combat the pandemic. It serves as fertile ground for the emergence of mutants or new variants. The emergence of the Delta and Omicron variants lends a learning lesson on how these and future variants could challenge the efficacy of the existing vaccines and our collective fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the Eritrean government’s abnegation of its responsibility to its own people, we, the undersigned, on behalf of the affected Eritrean community, call upon your office to receive our appeal within WHO’s community engagement framework and allocate Covid-19 vaccines to Eritreans without waiting on its government to petition GAVI for its quota.

A significant number of Eritreans, unfortunately, are found in neighboring countries as refugees. We would like to remind your esteemed office that these refugees also need equal attention. We may use this opportunity to express our readiness to collaborate with WHO in facilitating the distribution and administration of vaccines to Eritrean refugees in Sudan and other parts of the world.

 We thank you,

CC:      Dr. John Nkengasong, Director

            Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


List of Signatories

  1. Abdalla Gema Idris, MBCHB, Public Health Practitioner - Australia
  2. Abdulla Gieme, MD, General Practitioner - Australia
  3. Abiel Tsegai, Pharm.D, Pharmacist - USA
  4. Aida Asmelash, MD, Physician - USA
  5. Amanuel Kehasse, PharmD, PhD, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist USA
  6. Amanuel Misghina Abreha, MD, Internal Medicine -USA
  7. Aron Hagos Tesfai, PhD, Social Psychology - South Africa
  8. Asjad Abdalla Ebrahim Edrees, MD, Medicine - Sudan
  9. Askal Ytbarek, RN, Nurse - USA
  10. Asmeret Gebremariam, MD, Gynecology & Obstetrics - Germany
  11. Assefaw Tekeste, MD, PhD, Public Health Specialist - USA
  12. Aster Sebhatu, RN, Nurse - USA
  13. Astier Alem, MD, Nephrologist - USA
  14. Awolkheir M Nurhussein, MD, Internal Medicine - UK
  15. Berhane Seyoum, MD, MPH, Endocrinologist - USA
  16. Beyene Tewelde, MD, Internal Medicine - USA
  17. Biniam Kifle, Physician Assistant - USA
  18. Dawit Sahle, RN, Neurosurgical Nurse - USA
  19. Degol Dessie, MD -General Physician - Canada
  20. Elsa Tekle, MD, Anesthesiologist - USA
  21. Eseyas Tsehaye, MD, Physician - USA
  22. Feseha Woldu, MSc, PhD, Health Care Administration - USA
  23. Fithi Embaye, LISW, Doctoral student - USA
  24. Gebremedhin Yohannes, MD, Internal Medicine - USA
  25. Habteab Feseha, MD. Cardiologist - USA
  26. Habtom Habte, PhD, Drug and vaccine discovery Scientist -USA
  27. Haddish Tesfayohannes Hagos, MD, Anesthesiologist - USA
  28. Haikel Negash, RPh., MS., Pharmacist - USA
  29. Haile Debas, MD, UCSF Chancellor &Dean of Medicine, Emeritus - USA
  30. Hailemichael Yosief, PhD, Pharmacist - USA
  31. Henok Tsegai, Pharm.D, Pharmacist - USA
  32. Hermon Mesfin, FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner - USA
  33. Isayas Haileab Bayru, MD, General medicine & Anesthesiologist - Germany
  34. Jerusalem Tesfay, PhD, Preventive Healthcare Researcher - USA
  35. Kebreab Yimesgen, MA, Social worker - USA
  36. Khalid Beshir, MSc., PhD, Infectious diseases - UK
  37. Khalifa Salih Mohamed, MD, Gastroenterologist - Sudan
  38. Khedijah Ali Mohammed-Nur, RN, Community Public Health - UK
  39. Kheiria Adem, RN, Nurse - Canada
  40. Lemlem Weldemichael, MD, General Practitioner - USA
  41. Lion M Elias, MSN, Nurse Hospital Supervisor - USA
  42. Luwam Gebremichael, RN, Nurse - USA
  43. Merhawit Abraha, Pham.D, Pharmacist - USA
  44. Michael Kesete, PhD., Health Economist - USA
  45. Michael Teckle, RN, Nurse - Canada
  46. Mussie Tekle Sibhatu, DDS, Dentist - USA
  47. Petros Okubazgi, MD - USA
  48. Samrawit Medhanie, PhD(c), Psychologist - USA
  49. Samson Berhe, RPh, Pharmacist - USA
  50. Senait Sebhatu, RN, Nurse - USA
  51. Senait Negassi, PharmD, Pharmacist - USA
  52. Tedros Amanuel, MD, General Medicine - Sweden
  53. Teklab Gebregiworgis, PhD, Biomedical Researcher - Canada
  54. Tekle Zewolday, RN, Nurse - USA 
  55. Tesfay Welday, Biomedical Scientist - Sweden
  56. Winta Desta, PT, MScPT - Canada  
  57. Yacob Tekie, Ph.D., Psychologist - USA
  58. Yodit Tesfay, RN, MDS, Coordinator - USA
  59. Yohannes Ferdinado Drar, MSW, Clinical Social Worker -Canada
  60. Yohannes Haile, PhD, Biomedical & Regulatory Scientist - Canada
  61. Yordanos T Habtemariam, Pharm.D, RPh, Pharmacist - USA
  62. Zenebesh Melke, RN, Nurse - USA
  63. Zerabruke Gebremariam, MD, Neurologist and Psychiatrist - Germany
1,230 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!