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Aloha friends,

Right now, anyone can call themselves a home inspector in Hawaii- with NO previous experience, education, or construction related background. There is NO regulation or licensing in place currently; there is no entry exam, and there is no accountability. This is an injustice to the people of Hawaii- one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. 

I have been a home inspector in Hawaii for many years. I'm President of HAHI- The Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors- an organization I started to seriously raise the standards for my industry. I was also an ASHI Member / Certified Inspector for many years. I am behind the effort to cause regulation for my industry. 33 other States have already done it. 

While there are some great home inspectors in Hawaii, there are many problems occurring with new, AND seasoned home inspectors. They are they missing things that cause problems; several lack the background, training , professionalism, honesty and ethics. Some provide superficial review of a home, which can put the client's finances, or health and safety at great risk. I can easily substantiate all of these things. 

The opposition (...some inspectors in this industry) are fighting this; the most vocal ones have chosen the low road, spreading a lot of misinformation and scare tactics. The truth is, they do not want to have to answer to anyone, and many despise regulation. Many fail to see, or admit the value of regulation. Some have gone to great lengths to manipulate others into supporting them, through unethical & misleading petitions, behind the scenes emails, phone calls and more.  

There are a few responsible inspectors who support my effort, but that is not enough. I need your help. 

I can speak for TWO industries. I am also a Realtor in Hawaii, and was in Canada as well. I need to know that the professionals I recommend are qualified, professional and ethical, without question. I want the State of Hawaii to hold them accountable if they are not. We are talking about someone advising a client on the largest financial decision they will ever make. Therefore, they should be licensed just as every other professional in the transaction is required to be. The industry has continually failed to police itself. 

I ask you to support SCR27 SD1, requiring the State of Hawaii Auditor to conduct a Sunrise Analysis regarding the need for regulation for home inspectors here n Hawaii. 

Please sign this petition, & comment as to why you believe we should do it. Please also check the Capitol website for upcoming pubic hearings, so you can show up and give testimony. 

If you have any questions about this, my intent or credentials, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

From my heart, Mahalo

Wayne R. Blackburn | Inspector Homes, LLC | Realtor Associate, Captain Cook Real Estate | RS-78659

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