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    Linda is an incarcerated domestic violence survivor who was unable to prevent her abusive boyfriend from beating her daughter, Amy to death. Although the victim in Linda's case was not her abusive partner, the fact that she was a battered woman was significant in her inaction to stop the crime.


Linda has been found suitable for parole by the Board of Parole Hearings  ten times since 1989. Each time, the Governor has reversed the Board's decision, despite the fact that both Amy's father and sister (who witnessed the crime) support Linda's release. 


Linda currently is in her 29th year in prison where she has remained disciplinary-free, earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of La Verne, and continues to work toward her Master of Theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.


Linda is still in prison because all too often women are blamed for the actions of violent men who harm or kill their children. 29 years is long enough to pay for this terrible tragedy. Please sign the petition to free Linda Smith.





Letter to
Governor State of California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: (916) 558-3160

re: Linda Lee Smith

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Linda Lee Smith has been found suitable for parole for the 10th time. As a battered woman she was incapable of preventing the death of her two year old daughter, Amy at the hands of her abusive boyfriend.

Linda has been in prison 29 years, and her release is supported by both Amy’s father and her sister.

This case highlights the fiscal insanity of California’s lifer parole policy.
Uphold your campaign pledge and allow your handpicked parole board
to do its work.



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