Petition Update


Hussam Al-deen
Brooklyn, NY

May 19, 2012 — We have reached 2000 signatures!!!

To maintain honesty and integrity I must say that Raven King (the organizer of the petition looking to harm Dr. Hatem) contacted me to distance him/her self from the Islamophobe CGW.

It is still a fact that the entirety of the hate against Dr. Hatem is purely based in Islamophobia and not due to a concern for the wellbeing of children.

How do I know that?

Simply: because Dr. Hatem Al Hagaly has for years spoken against any mutilation of any body part as this is against what Islam teaches. Moreso, Dr. Elhagaly has always clearly stood agianst any person from performing any "clitoral nick" procedure because that would be breaking the law here in the U.S. and Islam encourages good citizenship and social order.

Those who seek to harm the good doctor misquote an incomplete mistranslation of a document he authored over 7 years ago. That "evidence" against him is shady at best.

For more info please visit his website: