Petition Update


Hussam Al-deen
Brooklyn, NY

May 17, 2012 — It seems there is a rumor on the web that Dr. Hatem has been let go. If true it would mean the Mayo Clinic succumbed to the pressure from the witch hunt that the islamophobes have created through lying and fear mongering.

Racism and injustice have been a part of the history of this country, as has the opposition to them. We may be facing a time when those who mislead through fear of "the other" have a spotlight from the ignorant and a platform from which to spew their bile, But every injustice awakens the oppressed and galvanizes the righteous a bit more.

If the rumors are true than I cannot help but be angry at the Mayo Clinic. Not because of my support for Dr. Hatem but because of the general guiding principals at stake here. The precedent they have set here is that a physician will be let go not based on their work, ethics, performance, or statements but rather on what a small group of people claim against them. That is a very dangerous precedent.

More to come...