Petition Update


Hussam Al-deen
Brooklyn, NY

May 16, 2012 — We have surpassed 1000 hundred signatures on the first day!

I pray for blessings for all of our supporters out there.

So I did some digging and as expected, I found the source of our problem.

The "fire" petition against Dr. Hatem started on a known Islamophobic website (see comments section):

The above link should illustrate the clearly biased nature of this petition. Raven (the creator of the anti Dr. Hatem petition) claims to be against all circumscsion but we can clearly see from the above where this started! Pure racist HATE.

The above website got the story from another well known hate site:

who relied on "expertise" from none other than:

"The Center for Security Policy"
AKA Islamophobia central.

We are dealing with HATE itself!