Petition Update

Thank you

Hussam Al-deen
Brooklyn, NY

May 15, 2012 — I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for standing behind fairness and honesty. In a world of sound bites and loaded terms we often face an uphill battle against ignorance, it is good to know there are those who will stand up and offer their support.

I have added the emails for the Mayo Clinic, The American Board of Pediatrics' Board of Directors, as well as the Executive Director of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Minnesota chapter.

We call on them to promote academic integrity and stand behind one of their own as he is attacked for his professional work and academic points of view. The positions of Dr. Hatem Al Haj are reasonable and fair. He has made sure to always abide by the law and promote adherence to the law by all. The attacks against him are baseless and to allow them to go unabated would be a great injustice.

Thank you again