Please Support My Proposed Change To The Disability Process

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Not all disabilities are the same, some don't change over time so the need for this change is important.

I have a disability called Achondroplasia. It is a physical disability that will not change over time. I am therefore proposing changes to the existing process of applying/renewing for Blue Badges & DLA/PIP, in order to better support disabled people.

Under the current rules every 3 years, applicants have to reapply or renew. We have to experience the stress of unnecessary form filing and then wait for approval of the application although there has been no change in their original circumstances. I am proposing a simpler better way.

I finally had a breakthrough as I managed to find my voice & express myself to the assessor. I explained that my condition will not change from year to year & the thought of going through the stressful interrogation is always enough to put me off. I have now been awarded a blue badge for life after 19 years so anything is possible.

I feel people with physical disabilities that will not change should automatically qualify for lifetime exemption.

Change is necessary & know this can happen.