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Petitioning Zoning Committee jtachibana and 11 others
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Zoning Committee
District 7 Councilperson
Romy M. Cachola
Zoning Committee
District 8 Councilperson
Breene Harimoto
District 9 Councilperson
Nestor R. Garcia
Zoning Committee
District 1 Councilperson
Tom Berg
District 2 Councilperson
Ernest Y. Martin
District 3 Councilperson
Ikaika Anderson
District 4 Councilperson
Stanley Chang
District 5 Councilperson
Ann Kobayashi
Tulsi Gabbard

Please Support Bill 61 CD1 at City Council 2nd reading & protect North Shore from resort development

ON WEDNESDAY MARCH  16, 2011 THE  CITY COUNCIL WILL HAVE THE 2ND reading of the North Shore Sustainable Community Plan - CD1;  (WE SUPPORT THIS DRAFT !!)   PUBLIC Hearing on March 16th 2PM 3rd Floor in Council Chambers -  

You can also email testimony in support of Bill 61 CD1 protecting the rural character of the North Shore and the integrity of the North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan to the City Council at:


Letter to
Zoning Committee  jtachibana
District 7 Councilperson Romy M. Cachola
Zoning Committee  gkim
and 9 others
District 8 Councilperson Breene Harimoto
District 9 Councilperson Nestor R. Garcia
Zoning Committee  cushijima
District 1 Councilperson Tom Berg
District 2 Councilperson Ernest Y. Martin
District 3 Councilperson Ikaika Anderson
District 4 Councilperson Stanley Chang
District 5 Councilperson Ann Kobayashi
Representative Tulsi Gabbard
Dear Council members,

Please support Bill 61 CD1 protecting the North Shore from unbridled resort development.

Thank you for your efforts to respond to the community’s concerns regarding the radical and ill-advised changes that had been proposed by the City Administration in the prior draft.

I support protecting the rural character of the North Shore and the integrity of the North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan.

Thank you very much.