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Amen Ankh Akademy Afrikan Centered Green STEAM Home School- End School to Prison Pipeline

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Amen Ankh Akademy is a global virtual stream of Knowledge! Amen Ankh means sacred life- We respect all living things from creation. We are an African Centered- Green STEAM -Homeschool cooperative Network, bridging the gap against the School to Prison Pipeline. We teach STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Industrial Arts and Mathematics) through a virtual home school network and Afrikan Education Curriculum that will ready our children with a Pre-K-8 Accelerated course of study; for the next level-

We spell Akademy with a "k" to acknowledge our sacred life force of "Ka" from our ancient Ancestry.

We need your help to raise funds and support this objective.

We teach our Scholars- Instead of moving out of the "Ghetto" LET'S REBUILD our own BLACK WALL STREETS!

“Knowledge of self is the key to healing and freeing ourselves from global Maafa.”

Afrikan Centered Knowledge- A great virtual resource for home scholars are using this stream. Our Youth are watching everything we do.

We model after the Black Panther Breakfast freedom school grassroots model and successful Kansas City model of ACECC; which was a Contract School operated in cooperation with what was known as the Kansas City, Missouri School District, until 2011, when the "right sizing" campaign obliterated real home grown African Centered curriculum, . It was managed by the Afrikan Centered Education Taskforce Incorporated (ACETI). ACECC disseminated the knowledge of the best of global Afrikan achievements, often written out of history, to prepare our youth for the global world, to pursue leadership, invention, production and enterprise, yet to also be committed to their own local wealth creating community and economic development.

Giri So (Word at Face Value), Benne So (Word to the Side), Bolo So (Word From Behind), So Dayi (The Clear Word), Aduno So (The Astonishing Word.) #amenankh #amenankhakademy #Afrikancenteredhomeschooling

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