A ban on plastic campaign signs for the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.

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When we hear the term single-use plastic we tend to think of things like straws, plastic cutlery or shopping bags but it has become an unseen part of how we live. 

The vast majority of signs used in election campaigns today are made of coroplast or a similar product. It is lightweight, can be easily printed on and is relatively cheap to purchase. Unfortunately, like too many of our contemporary products, it is also made of plastic and has a shelf life of at best 6 months (or 3 elections). More typically the sign is disposed of after just one election period of about two months. This is single-use plastic. 

I understand that these plastic election signs can be reused or recycled but we need to get beyond that mindset. Even if something can potentially be reused or recycled that is no guarantee that it will be. The first "R" we need to embrace is Refuse. We need to stop using plastic signs. There is no need. Our federal government has even recognized the need to Refuse single-use plastic; calling for a ban on them by as early as 2021 (classic non-determinate political talk). We can do better. I'm sure we can ask them to walk the walk and call for a ban on all plastic signage in this year's federal election.

It’s about doing the right thing, the right thing for our environment, and the right thing for the future generations that will be cleaning up the mess we leave them.

So let's make this happen, call on Government to follow your lead. No plastic signage in the 2019 federal election.