To please supply more Nut Free seasonal confectionery in the UK

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As the owner of Nutfreeliving Food Guide & Nutfreeliving Marketplace I help thousands of families living with nut allergy source everyday food items and treats that are suitable for them.  I share these finds on my Support Groups and in my business to help people living with nut allergy have an easier time finding food when shopping. 

I try to find those extra special treats children and adult’s, including my own daughter, miss out on, due to companies not catering for people with nut allergy.

Easter & Christmas are particularly challenging and can be a very upsetting time for nut allergy sufferers. 

The overwhelming majority of your chocolate products and that of your competitors this Easter, and every Christmas ,are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to nuts as an ingredient, or much worse, the dreaded ‘ May Contain Nut’  warning looms at the bottom of nearly everything we view. 

It is very frustrating at Easter as invariably the egg will have been made with a nut safe content  eg: Chocolate Buttons, but the egg shell has been produced alongside nut contaminated products thus rendering it unsafe. At Christmas a selection box will have something like three nut safe bars and two unsafe bars because no one has given it thought. 

I am therefore asking you to consider the 1 in 40 UK nut peanut allergic individual living in the UK.  It is obviously not just our business you are missing out on but that of our family, extended families, friends, clubs and schools (many that have nut free premises), It really is a huge potential customer base!

I hope that one day our search for the nut free Easter Egg, Advent Calander and selection boxes will not be so challenging and we call upon Mars, Nestle & Cadbury to consider us in their future development plans.  It just takes a little thought, planning and awareness to make so many children (and adult ) lives more inclusive. 

I am positive that in time this petition will show you the strength of support we have for change. 

Thank you