Petition update

UPDATE! Regarding the long awaited reinspection report from the USDA

D Michelle
Girard, OH

Oct 18, 2011 — From the representative of the action against 3F, Barbara Osborn Clay: “I was and am still hoping that the action the USDA does is a mandatory downsizing...with us pounding the pavement asking the 3F CUSTOMERS to STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM, it's the outcome we want. “
So time 2 double check! ALL petitions to 3F customers sent? ALL letters to government officials sent? Roped in family and animal-loving friends? If PETLAND rescinded all contracts with 3F, getting other customers to dump 3F is without a doubt. DOABLE!

As long as you have FB, ALL necessary files viewable @ this group page by members AND non-members alike.


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