Please STOP Thomas Clayton’s killer from getting paroled

Please STOP Thomas Clayton’s killer from getting paroled

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Dawn Jacobs started this petition to Governor Phil Murphy and

I have reached out to Frank Pallone & Carey Bookers offices. Neither office will schedule a meeting. I have requested to meet with Governor Phil Murphy. I understand this has to be in writing and takes 2 weeks for someone to even look at the written request.

Please respect this is a very real nightmare to my family and I.

The last notification my family received from the state was: On March 29, 2019, the Adult Panel referred the above reference offender to the full Board for parole consideration resolve a split decision. The final decision in the referenced offender’s case shall be provided to you, in writing once the formal Notice of Decision is rendered. No where did it state we can appear again on May 1st with the additional members of the parole board.
I understand that most people could not even fathom this happening to anyone in their family. My family is not fighting for vengeance. We know what type of human being Lilly Green is. She does not belong in society. She needs to stay where she is, regardless if she has behaved or her age.

This was NOT the heat of passion. This was NOT an accident of any kind. This was a thought out plan, premeditated, if you will, by someone who is extremely manipulative and a liar.
She was a bus driver. That is how my uncle Thomas Clayton met her. He took the bus to work every day.
Her route, on Route 18 in New Brunswick is very populated, with many stops.
Their courtship was very short, only lasted a few months before they were married. Their marriage didn’t last long either. It was less than a year.

On May 2, 1989, the nightmare began when she picked up no one, but her accomplice Howard Phillips & my uncle Thomas Clayton that morning. They then shot him in the head with a sawed off shotgun, at point blank range. She dropped off her accomplice. Then she drove with my uncle’s lifeless, dead body back to the bus garage in East Brunswick. She never stopped anywhere. She passed police stations, hospitals, and several businesses. She only stopped at the stop lights, due to traffic, obeying traffic laws.

She told police during the first questioning that it was a black guy who came on the bus and shot him out of nowhere. She said he didn’t try rob or steal anything. Her story then changed several times. She even said my uncle had cancer and he wanted to die. My Uncle DID NOT have cancer. She was giving her accomplice time to get away with the evidence (shotgun). There are a ton more lies & secrets that came out during the trial.

During the trial she stated my uncle was abusive. He was never a violent, abusive man a day in his life. She was having an affair with her accomplice which caused many disagreements in the, albeit short, marriage. The affair is why the marriage didn’t last very long.

Once the marriage was annulled she kept coming back for months before my uncles death. Why? We aren’t sure, as she was in a relationship with her accomplice for many years and several other men.

She had 5 relationships/marriages prior to my uncle, all of which died while she was with them. She was in a relationship with her accomplice during 2 of those marriages. One of these gentlemen’s family didn’t even know he died till after she had him cremated with no autopsy.

My uncle was the 6th man who lost his life while in a relationship with her.

She was even dating a gentleman from Sayreville who was shocked she was married. Due to she was dating him. And yes she was the beneficiary of his insurance policy.

She, nor my uncle, had financial problems. They had savings. There was no desperation of the need of money.

My uncle lost his life over greed. She killed him for the life insurance money.

Please understand she manipulated & convinced another human being to help her kill someone for money.

Is this really someone you want back out in society? Who is to say she won’t kill again? Next time, it could be your spouse, child, uncle, aunt, mom, dad….

She has been granted parole on July 2, 2019

If you agree the parole board should repeal their decision & she should remain in prison, please sign the petition below.

Also here is a link to news paper clippings to show everything in this petition is true not made up nor exaggerated.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!